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How to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat in No Time?

Do you know how to unlock a Honeywell thermostat in no time? Every Honeywell thermostat has different settings for locking and unlocking, and the process is simple and hard at one time. However, you don’t have to worry as I’m going to explain every unlocking process. So without further ado, let’s get started!

A Quick Answer

If you are puzzled by a locked Honeywell thermostat, do not freak out. Just follow some simple steps outlined here.

  • To unlock the Honeywell 8000 series, follow the Menu button > Security settings > Unlock.
  • For unlocking the T4 Pro and T6 Pro series, press Center > Passcode > Select > Done.
  • For unlocking FocusPro 5000 and 6000, press and hold the Fan and UP together. Then from the Menu, press the Next to reach number 27. Then you can unlock the limitations.

These are just a glimpse. Continue reading to find out about each method in detail! But first, let me tell you why you should lock your thermostat and when.

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When Should You Lock Your Thermostat?

If you don’t want others to tamper with the thermostat’s settings, locking it is the best choice. However, remember that you don’t have to go for lock mode unnecessarily. There are certain situations when locking is the better option. Let me tell you when.

how to unlock honeywell thermostat

1. When You Have Children at Home

Locking the thermostat when you have children at home is always recommended. They can change the lock configuration without your knowledge and bring unwanted danger. So, the feature is very handy for the safety of your children.

2. When You are in a Rental

It is not mandatory, though, to lock the thermostat in rental property. But if you don’t want any damage to the thermostat, you should lock it. However, set the temperature settings at a comfy level for your tenant or guest.

3. When You are an Owner or Manager

When you have a couple of employees working under you, they can unnecessarily tamper the thermostat. To prevent such actions, you should lock the Honeywell thermostats.

How to Unlock a Honeywell Thermostat? Guideline for Different Models

Honeywell thermostats have a plethora of models in the market, and their unlocking procedures are diversified. I am going to discuss each model and its unlocking process hereafter.

Unlocking the Honeywell 8000 Series

You can easily unlock a Honeywell 8000 series thermostat using the correct passcode. When you open the prompts, use the four-digit code and click on Done. Next, follow these options:

Menu button > Security settings > Unlock.

However, the real problem arises when you don’t know the lock code. You can salvage the situation by following these steps:

  • To collect the default password, you have to remove the thermostat’s faceplate.
  • You shall find a sticker with four digits on the top. Then, follow the previous unlocking process.
how to unlock a Honeywell thermostat  8000 Series

Credit: @hvacmadeeasy1788

However, if you don’t find the sticker, there are some other ways to collect the passcode:

  • Open the prompt, and tap on the Cancel option when you are asked to provide a passcode.
  • Next, you have to tap on the Equipment Status. You can utilize the arrow buttons to find out this option.
  • Now open the equipment settings and find out the Date code.

You can use this number as the passcode to unlock the 8000 series. Now you can enjoy the comfortable temperature in your home.

Unlocking the Honeywell T6 Series

Unlocking the T6 Series is an easy-breezy task. You can unlock this thermostat model by following these simple steps:

Unlocking the Honeywell T6 Series


  • First of all, you have to tap on the center button.
  • The next step should be entering the password. The default passcode might be 1234.
  • You have to use the plus and minus buttons as the up and down keys.
  • When you finally enter the passcode, tap the select button.

Voila! Your thermostat will be unlocked now. If you want to put your device in lock mode, you have to go to Menu first. Then, use the same plus/minus buttons and select lock modes.

Unlocking the Honeywell T4 Series

The process of unlocking the T4 series thermostat is pretty similar to the previous ones. However, there may be some subtle differences:

  • First, you have to search for the Unlock button on this device. You can find it at the bottom part, and there can be a lock symbol.
  • After locating, hit the button and enter the passcode.
  • Use the plus/minus buttons to reach the correct number and tap the Select button.

If you ever face troubles in this unlock procedure, watch this video for a better understanding.

Unlocking the T4 Pro and T6 Pro Series

Unlocking the T4 Pro and T6 Pro series is similar to one another. Let me explain the unlocking process of the T4 series below:

  • The initial step is to press the Center button.
  • Next, you have to press the plus/minus buttons to provide the password 1234.
  • Once you have reached the number, tap on the Select key.
  • If you have provided the passcode in the correct order, your thermostat will be unlocked instantly.

For the T6 Pro series, you just have to tap on the lock symbol first and then use the same plus/minus buttons to provide the pin number.

If you feel the process to be difficult, learn how to unlock the Honeywell Pro series thermostat in this video:

Unlocking VisionPro TH8321WF and VisionPro Series

Unlocking the VisionPro Series is even simpler than the previous models. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, tap the Menu button.
  • Then, you have to use the arrow keys and scroll to Security settings.
  • Now, just tap Select and enter the required passcode.
  • If you have entered it correctly, the device will be unlocked.

Now you know how to overcome and bypass screen lock, don’t you?

Unlocking the Honeywell RTH8500D Thermostat

You might be startled to find out how different it is to unlock the RTH8500D model. But it’s also a simple and straightforward process:

Unlocking the Honeywell RTH8500D Thermostat

Credit: @SaveGreenHere

  • First, you must go to the screen’s left side and click on the System button.
  • Then, find out and press the second and fourth buttons simultaneously. You should hold them for five to ten seconds.
  • As a next step, scroll down to number 0670 using the arrow buttons.
  • Now, set the number to 0 by using the up and down keys. This will unlock your thermostat.

Similarly, you can select number 2 for full lock and number 1 for partial lock. Then you just have to tap on Done.

Unlocking a Honeywell FocusPro 5000 and 6000

I’ve found that these thermostats are pretty easy to unlock. Usually, the apartment owners fully or partially lock them to maintain a certain temperature.

Usually, you cannot go pass or go down that temperature. However, there are ways to avoid the limitations. Let’s find out:

  • First, you have to hold the Fan button and the Up button together for a few seconds.
  • Then you shall see some Menu options. All you need to do is to keep pressing the Next until you see 27 on the screen. If you want to lower the temperature, keep the number at 28.
  • This number is the temperature limitation. But you can bypass the limitation and use the up-down keys to set a comfortable temperature.
  • Finish the process by clicking the Done button.

You can watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

How to Unlock Honeywell Thermostat Without Code?

You can unlock your thermostat even when you don’t have the code. This method is greatly helpful when you have forgotten the PIN number.

  • First, you have to detach your device from the sub-base.
  • Now look at the back, and you shall see four digits. This is called the date code.
  • You have to add the digits with 1234, and the total will be your passcode.
  • For instance, if the date code is 2222, you have to add 1234 with it. A total of 3458 is the passcode.
  • Enter the code and unlock your device.
Unlocking without a code

Credit: @NewHVACGuide

3 Important Things to Know About Honeywell Thermostats

There are certain things you should know about a Honeywell thermostat. I’ve mentioned them below.

1. How to Find Out a Thermostat’s Model Number?

Sometimes you forget the model number and cannot remember it later, right? In that case, you should check the documentation of the thermostat. If you don’t find it there, you can find it on the thermostat itself.

Take the thermostat and remove its faceplate. You can find the model number there. And if all your attempts fail to find the model, you can still change lock mode by any of the methods above.

2. How Many Lock Settings Are There in Honeywell Thermostat?

Different lock settings give you the flexibility to change temperature as per your necessity. One lock setting provides distinct convenience, which you won’t find in other settings. You can use a Honeywell thermostat in three different lock modes.

thermostat lock modes

  • Full-Lock Mode: The fully locked thermostat is the most secure one. No one can change anything unless they have the four-digit number. This is recommended, especially when you have children at home.
  • Partial-Lock Mode: This is the best feature of Honeywell so far. When a thermostat is partially locked, others can change only the temperature, not the settings. Thus, they get a comfy temperature, and no one can tamper with other settings.
  • No Lock: In this mode, there is no screen lock, and anyone can change the temperature or settings. However, I personally do not recommend this setting when you are in the office, or you have children around.

3. How to Fix Malfunctioning Lock Settings?

When you are facing a lock malfunction in your Honeywell thermostat, you should change the batteries. Most of the time, low batteries begets such issues. However, if battery replacement doesn’t help, it is wise to ask for help from Honeywell customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Master Unlock Code for Honeywell Thermostat?

The master unlock code for most Honeywell thermostats is 1234.

How do I Unlock My Honeywell T3 Thermostat?

To unlock the T3 model, you have to tap on the center button. Then you need to enter the passcode, which is usually 1234. Once you enter that code, you can access the thermostat.

How do I Reset My Honeywell Thermostat Password?

To reset your Honeywell password, select Forget password, and a mail will be sent to the linked account. Open the email and tap on Reset password. Then, you can create a new password.


You have now come to know how to unlock a Honeywell thermostat. I would recommend you find out your thermostat’s model number first before blindly going for one method after another. Then follow the required unlocking procedure to get access to the thermostat.

However, once you fail to decipher the model, you can try out the Center button> Passcode > Select. If there is no center button, there shall be a Lock symbol or Menu option.

When all your endeavors fail, you should ask for help from customer service.

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