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How to Remove the ADT Panel from the Wall: 5 Important Tips for Proper Deinstallation

How to remove the ADT panel from the wall is a question many homeowners ask at some point. ADT control panel is essential for operating your home security system. However, there may come a time when you need to remove it due to upgrading, repairs, or changing security providers.

For this purpose, I invite you to read this informative guide and learn about the 7 easy steps involved in removing the ADT panel. Let’s get started!

Quick Answer

Removing the ADT touch panel from the wall is not rocket science. All it takes is the right tools and proper techniques. The main steps involve:

  • Turning off the system;
  • Disconnecting the wiring;
  • Removing the mounting plate;
  • Pulling the panel off the wall. 

But it’s more challenging than just ripping off the mount. Continue reading to learn about detaching the ADT panel, some additional helpful tips, and important factors to keep in mind after the removal of the unit. Let’s head towards more details!

What Are the Common Reasons for Removing the ADT Touch Panel From the Wall?

There are a few common reasons you may need to remove your ADT touch panel from the wall. Let’s learn about them below:

how to remove adt panel

1. Upgrading to a Newer Model

ADT periodically releases updated touch panel models with improved functionality. Newer panels can have better interfaces, faster performance, and more advanced features.

Upgrading makes sense to gain these benefits. The old panel must be removed to install the new one.

2. Relocating to a Better Spot

You may need to move the panel to a more convenient or visually appealing location when remodeling or rearranging rooms. Placing it elsewhere can also give you better visibility or enhance its ease of use. 

3. Switching to a Better Brand 

Some people choose to change security systems and prefer a different provider. There could be various reasons for this – like getting better features with other companies or finding preferable designs. 

How to Remove the ADT Panel From the Wall in 7 Easy Steps?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to take that ADT panel off your wall, following the proper removal process is important to avoid any issues. Here are the key steps to safely detach your ADT touch panel:

How to remove the ADT panel from the wall

Credit: @adt

Step 1: Gather All The Tools You Will Need

First, assemble the necessary tools. The following supplies can help: 

Before the process, get the instruction manual for your particular ADT panel model as well.

Pro tip: Ensure you have a towel or cloth below the panel to prevent damage.

Step 2: Disconnect The Wiring

The next step is to locate the power source to your ADT panel and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Also, remove any backup batteries, if there are any. Additionally, ensure that you don’t damage the cables, as these can cause big trouble later. 

Important Tips: Use a voltage tester to ensure no live power runs to the panel.

Step 3: Detach The Panel

With the panel wiring detached, you can now work on removing the panel itself. Look for any screws and remove them with your screwdriver. Carefully pull the panel from the wall mount.

Important Note: Once you have removed all the screws, place them at a place cautiously. This will save you from the struggle of finding them later.

Step 4: Extract The Mounting Brackets

Use your screwdriver to remove any remaining screws holding the mounting plate or bracket to the wall. The mounting plate should now easily detach.

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steps for removing an ADT Touch Panel

Credit: @adt

Step 5: Remove the ADT Alarm Panel or Cover

Small screws or plastic tabs often hold on the decorative outer frame or alarm cover. You can find them on the upper or bottom edge of the cover. Locate these to detach the alarm panel or cover. Take care not to crack or bend the frame.

Step 6: Remove the ADT Keypad from the Wall

Usually, the keypad-based alarm system gets power from the main supply. Therefore, you must cut the main supply before removing this part.

After that, you have to locate special keys in the slots. Rotate them anti-clockwise with the help of a screwdriver – extract by gently pulling away using steady pressure.

Step 7: Patch and Repair Wall Damage

Once everything is removed, you’ll want to patch the holes left behind. Apply drywall putty-like Wall Repair Pastes Roller Wall Mending Agent to fill the spaces. Allow time to dry before sanding smooth. Wipe away any dirt, debris, or grease marks.

Pro note: You can also paint touch-ups that can help blend the patches.

This video can provide you with extra help in removing the ADT panel from the wall.

5 Additional Recommendations on Removing ADT Panel from Wall

Following some pro tips will make taking out an ADT panel off your wall smoother. Here are other pointers for safe, effective removal:

1. Avoid Using Excessive Force

Never yank, pull, or twist the panel forcibly, as this can fracture the plastic housing wall or rip out wires from the terminals. Moreover, it can also damage your hands. Ease it off gently. Patience prevents damage.

2. Document Wire Connections

Label before disconnecting any wires, or take photos to document where each attaches. This makes reinstallation much simpler and prevents wiring errors.

wire connections -ADT panel

Credit: @ImChillToo

3. Use a Utility Knife on Stubborn Areas

Use a utility knife to carefully cut through for sticky adhesive or rigid parts that are hard to separate with fingers. Apply gentle pressure with the blade to avoid holes. Ensure that you don’t cut yourself or wires.

4. Pull Out the Panel Slowly But Firmly

Once all screws and brackets are detached, slowly pull the panel away from the wall applying steady outward pressure. Move it back and forth to remove ADT panel from the wall without ripping it off forcefully. Also, don’t forget to double-check the screws if you are having any difficulty.

5. Lay Down a Towel to Protect Surrounding Areas

Cover the flooring below the panel with a towel or cloth. This way, if any tools, bits of wall, or other debris fall, it won’t scratch or stain floors. Protecting surroundings prevents extra cleanup.

Important Considerations Post-Removal of ADT Panels

Once the ADT sensor is fully removed, the ADT alarm system will be offline and security functions disabled until a replacement can be installed. Remember the following considerations:

old equipment

  • Keep your doors and windows locked for extra security during the gaps. 
  • Take special care in the disposal of old equipment in the local recycling center as they may contain hazardous materials.
  • Notify your monitoring service and insurance provider about the temporary gap in coverage.
  • ADT may charge deactivation fees if canceling service.
  • Cap off the unused wiring for safety precautions and to prevent any hazard.
  • If buying a new system, research thoroughly, as there are many variants, including remote access, smart home, or emergency response. Advertising and analytics partners can also help you.
  • While reinstalling a new security or alarm system, don’t forget to get professional help. ADT customer service can help you in this regard. 


How do you remove an ADT panel from the wall to change the battery?

To remove an ADT panel from the wall to change the battery, detach all screws and disconnect the compartment. Extract the battery compartment and replace the backup battery. 

How do I remove ADT equipment?

To remove ADT equipment, cancel your service by calling the company. Then, cut the power source and separate the screws and panel. Bring out the wirings and withdraw the equipment.

How do I completely disconnect my ADT system?

To completely disconnect your ADT system, terminate your services. Turn off all the power, and remove the cables and frames. Remove panels, covers, and keypads. 


Summing up how to remove ADT panel from wall is a DIY project. With the right tools and patience, you can remove the panel without damage in just a few easy steps. 

Cut off the power source, remove the wirings, detach the panel, and extract the mount. Just be sure to collect all the necessary equipment beforehand.

After the removal of the unit, be sure to inform your monitoring service and insurance about the gap in coverage. Also, get help from professionals for reinstalling the device if needed.

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