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Starlink Factory Reset

In this article, we’ll provide directions to guide you to reset Starlink routers. It is related to a Standard rectangular Starlink dish and the High-Performance square dish. In case there’s a need to reset the original circular Starlink dish or Starlink mesh node, go below to the proper sections. starlink factory reset We will analyze two reset methods:

  1. Quick reboot Starlink
  2. Factory reset settings

A tip: A factory reset will clear the WiFi network name, password, and other settings, plus all previously connected devices will be unlinked. You will need to rejoin the wireless network using the new router credentials.

If you are not sure that you need a factory reset, then try a quick reboot first, and if your problem is not solved, proceed to a factory reset.

How to Quickly Restart Starlink

If you just need to reboot your Starlink system without doing a factory reset, try one of the following methods: Method 1:

  1. Open the Starlink app.
  2. Click Settings. Then approach “Advanced”.
  3. Click Restart Starlink to initiate a reboot.

This will restart the dish and the process may take a few minutes. Method 2: Disassemble the AC router power cord from the wall outlet. Leave it disabled for a few minutes. Then reconnect it. This action will reboot the dish and router. It should take a few minutes to load the dish. Read Also: Starlink Internet Coverage Map 2023

Rectangular: Factory Reset Starlink

Step 1. Accessing the Starlink Router Head to where your main Starlink router is located. You will need access to a power cord and a wall outlet. Step 2. Run a Power Cycle Sequence Power cycle Starlink router 3 times in a row. Unplug the router’s power cable, wait a bit, and then wire it back up. Repeat this sequence 2 more times to perform a factory reset. Step 3. Check If the Router Has Been Reset After the reset, the Starlink router will take a few minutes to start off. The old WiFi network name, password, and settings won’t be available. You will need to reconnect to the default Starlink WiFi name after the reset. By default, the Starlink Wifi name will be STARLINK or STINKY. When the router initializes so you can connect to the network, you will know that the factory reset has been finished. If the old network name appears, repeat step 2, verifying you power cycle the router 3 times in a row. Step 4. Set Up a New Starlink WiFi Network If you’re not planning to put on sale or give away your Starlink kit, you’ll need to set up your new WiFi network. Link to the default STINKY or STARLINK WiFi network on your smartphone. Then you need to open the Starlink app. You will be prompted to change the default name and set a new password. Once you’ve set up your new WiFi network, you will be able to access the internet. You will have to rejoin all your WiFi devices to the new Starlink Wifi network after the factory reset. See also: Starlink in every smartphone: SpaceX will distribute the Internet through mobile networks?

Circular: Factory Reset Starlink

If you have Starlink circular device, the factory reset procedure is straightforward. Step 1. Gently push the button located at the bottom of the router (use a paper clip, needle, etc.). Step 2. The light will turn blue for a short while. Wait a few moments until you see a white light. It will take a few minutes for the router to restart. Step 3. From the list of available Wi-Fi connections, link to a network called TARLINK or STINKY. (The network ID is located on the back of the router under the AUX port by default). You will then be prompted to change your network ID and password.

Resetting the Starlink Mesh Router

If you have an additional Starlink mesh node at home and need to reset it, just follow these simple three steps. Step 1. Power cycle the mesh node (unplug the power cord and then place it back in) 3 times in a row. Wait a few minutes for the mesh node to boot up. Step 2. When restoring a node, on your smartphone, verify the connection to the main WiFi network of the router, and not to the STINKY mesh node or the default STARLINK WiFi network that will pop up after the factory reset. Step 3. Open the Starlink app. After 1-2 minutes, the Starlink app will prompt you with a “PAIR MESH NODE” notification.

Note: Wi-Fi network name is also called SSID. The Wi-Fi password can be called a network security key, a WPA key, or a WAP/SPA2 passphrase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I reboot my Starlink router?
There is no recommendation to reset your router in terms of time scale. However, it seems a good idea to restart the main Internet router every couple of months. It can fix some Internet connectivity issues, like no Internet connectivity or slow wireless connections.
How long does it take to reset Starlink?
Unplug your Starlink dish. Wait for 5 minutes. Then plug your Starlink dish and wait for 20 minutes. Wait for your dish to initialize and boot successfully.
How long does it take Starlink to calibrate?
Once installed, give the Starlink's dish about 15 to 30 minutes to calibrate itself, to "communicate" with the satellites above Earth.