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What Is SimpliSafe Compatible With? What Does SimpliSafe Integrate With? (2024 Update)

SimpliSafe Integrations

I was recently helping a friend get their SimpliSafe security system setup. Part of that setup was getting it connected to Amazon Alexa. During the setup, I started wondering what systems work with SimpliSafe? I went home and did my research, and along with my SimpliSafe experience, here is what I found.

SimpliSafe is compatible with and designed to integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa assistants, as well as August smart locks. The Apple version of the SimpliSafe app is designed to support the Apple watch. HomeKit integration is possible using the third-part HomeBridge. Integrations require a monthly subscription to the Interactive Monitoring plan

People are buying more and more smart home products, and they need them to work with each other. I gave overall broad answer of what systems work with SimpliSafe, but let’s take a closer look, system by system.

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SimpliSafe Plans: SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring Plan to Enable Integrating devices

SimpliSafe offers two subscription plans: Self-Monitoring and Interactive Monitoring. Here is a table to highlight the differences. The differences between the two plans are bolded.

NoneSelf-Monitoring w/ Camera RecordingsInteractive Monitoring
SMS/Email AlertsXYesYes
Remote Arm/DisarmXYesYes
Customize SensorsXYesYes
Cellular ConnectionXNoYes
Wifi ConnectionYesYesYes
No ContractN/AYesYes
August Smart LockXYesYes
Alexa IntegrationXYesYes
Google HomeXYesYes
Live Video StreamingYesYesYes
Recorded Video HistoryXYes, for 5 CamerasYes, for 10 Cameras
Video VerificationXXYes
SimpliSafe Subscription Plans

It’s pretty obvious from looking at the table that the Interactive Monitoring plan offers all the bells & whistles. This is also why it is the most expensive plan at $24.99 a month, or $300 a year.

If you choose anything buy the Interactive Monitoring plan, integrating other smart devices becomes no longer an option. Not having a subscription, or having only the Standard Monitoring plan makes it so you cannot integrate with other devices.

I know $300 a year sounds like a lot, but this is still pretty cheap compared to other security systems available, although Vivint and Ring are starting to offer some serious competition in the home security arena.

SimpliSafe Plan Change February 2024

It’s not an official plan, which means that SimpliSafe could stop offering it at any time, but I heard of other customers being offered a $10/month plan that enables customers to use the mobile app. Everything else is the same as the self-monitoring plan. I wish I could offer more details, but in true SimpliSafe manner, they keep it a mystery.

In late February of 2024, SimpliSafe changed their plan structure. Users had previously reported being offered a secret self-monitoring plan that enabled smart phone capability. This is now an official plan called “Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording” and it cost $10/month, or $0.33 per day as SimpliSafe likes to advertise.

The Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording plan replaces what was called the Standard Monitoring Plan. There is now only one plan offered that includes monitoring, and that is the Interactive Monitoring plan.

What’s the Difference Between SimpliSafe Self-Monitoring and Interactive Monitoring Plans?

The Self-Monitoring plan is a new option, so there’s no doubt going to be questions.

These are the three main differences between SimpliSafe’s Self-Monitoring plan and the Interactive Monitoring plan.

  • Number of Cameras that can store video recordings

The Interactive Monitoring plan enables 10 cameras, where as the Self-Monitoring plan only allows 5 cameras.

These video recording are stored in the SimpliSafe cloud for 30-days, and there can be an unlimited number of clips.

  • Visual Verification

Interactive Monitoring will use video when an alarm is triggered. Self-Monitoring does not have a monitoring service, and therefore can’t use it when an alarm is triggered.

For the Interactive Monitoring plan, the SimpliSafe monitoring center will receive camera footage from your camera when the alarm is triggered. The information gathered from the video can then be relayed to police dispatchers. SimpliSafe states that this results in higher arrest rates.

  • Cellular Connection

Interactive Monitoring enables cellular connection of your SimpliSafe. The self-monitoring plan does not.

The All-New SimpliSafe has cellular connection capabilities built into the base station. In the event that your Wi-Fi goes out, SimpliSafe will use the cell connection to stay in touch with the monitoring center. That way your alarm cannot be bypassed by cutting out the Wi-Fi connection.

SimpliSafe Integrations – Details for Each System and Device

Does SimpliSafe Integrate with Nest?

SimpliSafe was previously able to integrate with the Nest thermostat, but it is no longer officially supported since Nest was bought by Google. The Nest product line is now a competitor to SimpliSafe. However, some users report that the integration still works without any additional setup.

The SimpliSafe support page, located here, used to have a section for Nest Thermostats. Here is what it said:

“If you own a Nest thermostat, it will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the state of your system. For example, when you disarm your system, this tells your Nest thermostat that you are home and it will either turn the temperature up for when it’s seasonally cold or turn the temperature down for when it’s seasonally warm. Using Google Assistant, you are able to sync your Nest thermostat via the SimpliSafe web app or smartphone app.”

SimpliSafe in past times

That section of the page was quietly removed, and users started asking questions in the SimpliSafe forum, as can be seen here.

SimpliSafe hasn’t formally answered any questions about why the nest integration quietly disappeared and is not longer advertised. However, one can guess that Nest is not a competitor to SimpliSafe, and has removed them in order to promote their own Nest security system.

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Amazon Alexa Logo

Is SimpliSafe Compatible with Alexa?

Alright, let’s get into devices that actually do integrate with SimpliSafe. Millions of people have some sort of Amazon Alexa device in their house. It was pretty much the first voice assistant that worked decently.

It works as a smart home hub for many, especially since some Alexa devices have started being designed with ZigBee radios built in. Alexa has the capability to control and talk to many other smart devices in your smart home.

But, Does SimpliSafe work with Alexa?

The All-New SimpliSafe is compatible and does work with Alexa, but not the Original SimpliSafe. There is a SimpliSafe Alexa Skill that allows users to check the current status and arm the SimpliSafe system in home or away mode. For security reasons, Alexa cannot disarm SimpliSafe.

There are a variety of phrases that can be used to check the status or arm the system.

Alexa Voice Commands to check SimpliSafe’s status:

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe if my house is secure

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe if I am protected

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe for my current status

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe what’s shakin’

Alexa Voice Commands to arm SimpliSafe in Home Mode:

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe to arm my system in home mode.

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to lock up.

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe good night.

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m going to bed.

Alexa Voice Commands to arm SimpliSafe in Away Mode:

– Alexa, ask SimpliSafe to arm my system in away mode

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m going out

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m leaving

– Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to turn on

Connecting SimpliSafe to Alexa is easy.

How to Connect SimpliSafe to Alexa

  1. Make sure you have the SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring plan
  2. Enable the SimpliSafe Alexa skill through either the Alexa app on your smartphone, or in the Amazon Marketplace through a web browser.
  3. Once you click enable, a screen will pop up asking for your SimpliSafe credentials. Enter your email and password.

That’s it. Here is a link to Amazon to the SimpliSafe Skill.

And Here’s a little video demonstrating that process and using some of the voice commands.

Google Assistant Logo

Will SimpliSafe Work with Google Home?

Google is the main competitor to Alexa, so as you would expect, SimpliSafe also integrates with Google Home and has any of the same features.

The All-New SimpliSafe is compatible and does work with Google Home, but the Original SimpliSafe does not. There is a SimpliSafe Alexa Skill that allows users to check the current status and arm the SimpliSafe system in home or away mode. For security reasons, Alexa cannot disarm SimpliSafe.

Like Alexa, the Google Assistant has a variety of phrases that can be used to check the status or arm the system.

However, Google doesn’t advertise these phrases like Amazon does on their Alexa skills page. I noticed that all the Alexa commands were not listed on the SimpliSafe page, which is all I have available for Google’s voice commands. If you know of any more that I can add to the list, please let me know!

Google Voice Commands to check SimpliSafe’s status:

“Hey Google, is the security system armed?”

“Hey Google, am I protected?”

Google Voice Commands to arm SimpliSafe in Home Mode:

“Hey Google, turn on the security system” and the Google Assistant will respond intelligently, asking which mode you want to set.

“Hey Google, arm SimpliSafe to Home”

Google Voice Commands to arm SimpliSafe in Away Mode:

“Hey Google, turn on the security system” and the Google Assistant will respond intelligently, asking which mode you want to set.

“Hey Google, set the security system to Away”

Connecting SimpliSafe to Google Home is easy, but does take a few more steps than it does to connect Alexa.

How to Connect SimpliSafe to Google Home

  1. Make sure you have the SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring plan
  2. From the Google Home App click the “+” symbol in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Select “Works With Google”
  4. Search for and select SimpliSafe
  5. Once you click enable, a screen will pop up asking for your SimpliSafe credentials. Enter your email and password.
  6. If needed, Select the location for your SimpliSafe

Does August Lock Work with SimpliSafe?

The August Smart Lock is one of the best smart locks on the market. One of the reasons is that it can be integrated with a lot of other smart home devices and systems, such as IFTTT.

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The August Smart Lock integrates and works with the SimpliSafe security system. The integration allows users to lock or unlock based on the SimpliSafe status. Users can choose which locks in a given location are controlled.

There are a couple of pre-cautions though.

One, if August is acquired by a competitor, this integration may disappear. This is what happened with the Nest Thermostat when it was acquired by Google.

Second, the only way to integrate the smart lock to SimpliSafe is if you have the New August Wi-Fi lock, August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or the August Doorbell Cam (No longer sold). One of these devices are needed to connect August’s Bluetooth onto the Wi-Fi network (unless you have the Wi-Fi lock of course).

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is about $220, the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge runs about $80, and the August Doorbell Cam were about $199. August no longer sells the Doorbell Cameras.

I haven’t personally reviewed and August products, but here is a link to the Wi-Fi Bridge, and one for the new Wi-Fi lock:

August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

How Do You Integrate August Lock with Simplisafe?

August provides pretty clear steps on their website on how to integrate the lock with SimpliSafe. You can find that webpage here. Here is a quick rundown of the steps:

  1. From the SimpliSafe Web App go to the System Settings
  2. Go to “Integrations”
  3. In the August integration section, click “Authorize”
  4. In the screen the pops up, login to your August account.
  5. Choose your August location that matches your SimpliSafe location
  6. If you have more than one lock, a list of locks will appear within the SimpliSafe Web App. If you are happy with the default settings, you are done.
  7. Across the top of each lock will show Home, Away, and Off. You can choose an action for each lock and each SimpliSafe mode. Choosing “ignore” means that the lock will stay in its current state when you change into that mode.

You are all set. These settings work no matter if you use the keypad, key fob, or SimpliSafe app to change the alarm setting.

Also, if you Arm your system and SimpliSafe starts counting down, your August lock will not lock until SimpliSafe if actually armed. This gives you time to get out of the house!

The August Smart lock is my second choice for the most secure. Check out this article to see my 1st pick. What Is The Most Secure Smart Lock? Our Pick For Most Secure Lock

HomeKit Logo

Is SimpliSafe HomeKit Compatible?

This question is a bit tricky to answer, because the answer is yes, and no. Here’s the short answer.

SimpliSafe is not officially integrated with Apple HomeKit, although compatibility has been “in the works” since 2018 when the CEO said they were working on it. However, SimpliSafe can be integrated with HomeKit by using the third-party HomeBridge.

Really, this question deserves a whole article on its own, but until I write that, let me expand on that answer a bit.

Until SimpliSafe officially supports HomeKit, let’s talk about HomeBridge and what it can do for you.

What is HomeBirdge?

HomeBridge is a piece of software (written in NodeJS) designed to be bridge between HomeKit and non-compatible smart devices, so that HomeKit can be used to control these smart devices. If can be installed on various operating systems and devices, including Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and NAS devices.

HomeBridge has plugin that you install to the software, which enable various devices. Popular plugins include Ring, Nest Cameras, TP-Link Kasa devices, and of course SimpliSafe.

HomeBridge is open-source code, and the plugins are open-source as well. They are created by individuals, so it’s a good idea to make sure you vet the plugins before using them. That said, it may not be a good idea to use something that could potentially have security holes for something like your home security system.

HomeBridge does have a team that verifies plugins, meaning they checked to work properly and are more likely to be secure.

Here is the link to Homebridge if you would like to learn more:

Here is the link to the SimpliSafe plugin: SimpliSafe HomeBridge Plugin

SimpliSafe Is Failing to Keep Its Integration Promises

I was just talking about how SimpliSafe hyped up how they were working on HomeKit integration. That was a big selling point, and many people bought SimpliSafe because they were expecting to have that feature. So far, SimpliSafe has failed to deliver on that promise.

Here is the video in case you want to watch:

SimpliSafe for years has talked about how they are working on more and more integrations, but so far, they have not delivered. It’s only a handful. Granted Google and Alexa and probably the two most important to have, but I would say customers expect that now.

SimpliSafe’s failure to integrating is costing them business with competitors like Ring and Vivint rising to the challenge.

SimpliSafe also previously promised to be able to disarm your alarm using these various integrations with assistant, however, that is not the case. SimpliSafe has taken a different direction, saying that it purposely does not allow you to disarm the system using voice commands due to security reasons.