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How Do I Reset SimpliSafe For New Owner? Can You Take It When You Move?

SimpliSafe Base Station and Boxes

Are you selling your house and leaving your SimpliSafe security system for the new owner? Or perhaps you are just selling your SimpliSafe system. This is what you need to do when transferring ownership of your SimpliSafe.

The SimpliSafe Security system is not designed to be reset. In order to prepare your SimpliSafe for new owners you must call SimpliSafe to remove it the base station from your account, as well as discontinue any monitoring service you may have. Once removed from your account, the new owners can call and add it to their account.

If you are moving, it’s important to know that the SimpliSafe Security system was designed to move with you. However, there are lots of reasons that someone might be leaving it behind. Here is what you need to do when you transferring ownership of your SimpliSafe to someone else.

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How Do I Transfer SimpliSafe To New Owner?

There is really very little you need to do if you are the person getting rid of the SimpliSafe system. It’s only two steps, but these are two important steps.

Steps for Old Owner to Complete to Transfer SimpliSafe

  1. Remove the SimpliSafe Base Station from your account by calling the SimpliSafe at (888) 692-0229.
  2. Change the SimpliSafe Security system Master PIN, either from the keypad, online, or by calling SimpliSafe.

The new owner will have to create a SimpliSafe account, and add the base station. This can be done all online, or by calling SimpliSafe.

How Do I Reset SimpliSafe For New Owner? Can You Take It When You Move?

Removing the Base Station from Your Account

The SimpliSafe Base Station is what they call “the brains.” This is the unit that controls the whole system. It connects to the monitoring service through a built-in cellular connection, as well as Wi-Fi if connected. The Base Station is also what all the other devices connect to; the keypad, motion sensor, cameras, glass break sensors, etc.

It’s okay to leave the device connected, and will be a real convenience to the new owner. Leaving the devices connected will not disclose any of your private information.

Each SimpliSafe Base Station has its own unique serial number, which can only be linked to one account. If you move, and leave the base station behind without deactivating it, the new owners will not be able to add it to their account.

If you have monitoring enabled, you will have to cancel this service. This can all be done with one phone call. You can request this cancellation by calling the SimpliSafe at (888) 692-0229.

The call will start with an automated menu. Select Option 4 to be routed to a customer service agent. The SimpliSafe representative will ask you for the typical information (name, phone number, address), as well as your Safe Word. Have your safe word ready before you call. I know I often have to sit and think for a minute, or check somewhere I have written it down.  They can’t make account changes without you stating your safe word.

When Should I Call SimpliSafe to Remove the Base Station?

Removing the Base Station from your account happens immediately. It like flipping a switch while you are on the call.

Remove the SimpliSafe Base Station from your account and cancel monitoring only when you are ready for it to end. If you are moving, do not deactivate the SimpliSafe service until you are moved out of the house.

How to Change Your SimpliSafe PIN

The PIN number is stored in the SimpliSafe Base Station’s memory. It will stay with the device, even after it is removed from your account. So, if you are transferring ownership, it is important to change the Master PIN, and either change or delete the remaining PIN numbers.

Make sure to leave the new Master PIN for the new owner. They will need it to access the settings, and of course disarm the system. However, SimpliSafe can change the PIN remotely if needed. If I was a new owner, that would be a big inconvenience for me, especially if I was not familiar with how the SimpliSafe system worked.

There are three options for how to change the Master PIN: Keypad, Online or App, or Calling SimpliSafe.

To learn more about how to change the PINs on the All-New SimpliSafe, check their website here.

To learn more about how to change the PINs on the Original SimpliSafe, check their website here.

How to Change the PIN on the SimpliSafe Keypad

There are two versions of the SimpliSafe Security system, the old version and the new version. SimpliSafe calls them “Original” and “All-New”. The steps for changing the PIN are different depending on which system you have, so make sure to take a look at the picture and follow the steps for your system.

Change the Master PIN on The SimpliSafe Keypad for The All New SimpliSafe

  1. Click on the menu button (lower left button)
  2. Enter your current Master PIN
  3. Use the screen to navigate to “PINs”
  4. Select the PIN you want to change (Either Master, User, or Duress PIN).
  5. Enter your current master PIN
  6. Enter your new PIN.

Change the Master PIN on The SimpliSafe Keypad for The Original SimpliSafe

Note: The Original SimpliSafe system only allows you to change the Master PIN from the keypad. To change secondary PINs, you must use key fob inserted into your computer, or change them through your online account.

  1. Click on the menu button (lower left button)
  2. Enter your current Master PIN
  3. Press the number 1 on your Keypad, and press the blue away button to confirm.
  4. Enter your new PIN when prompted, and press the blue away button to save your changes.
  5. Confirm the new master PIN by re-entering it, and press the blue away button to confirm.

Can You Take SimpliSafe When You Move? How Do I Move SimpliSafe?

Perhaps you were planning on leaving your SimpliSafe system behind, but did you know that it was designed to be moved with you when you move?

SimpliSafe can be moved by changing your address through your online account, app, or by calling. The devices adhere to the wall using 3M adhesive strips designed to be easily removed without damaging the wall. SimpliSafe will send a moving kit if new adhesive strips are needed.

Remember those commercials for the 3M Command Strips? Those strips are exactly what SimpliSafe uses to mount their equipment, making it easy to install and remove. Th strips are deigned to be removed easily without leaving any marks or residue.

Changing Your Address with SimpliSafe

There are three options for updating your address with SimpliSafe.

Updating Address in The SimpliSafe App

From the app home screen:

  1. Open the menu by pressing the three bars in the top left
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Click on “Location Profile”
  4. Update your address.

This is what SimpliSafe says,” press the “I’m Moving” button under Plan + Billing in your SimpliSafe app.
Source: SimpliSafe Blog

SimpliSafe "I'm Moving" Button
SimpliSafe “I’m Moving” Button

In case you’re wondering, Plan + Billing is also located under the settings menu, as seen below.

SimpliSafe App Settings Menu
SimpliSafe App Settings Menu

Updating Address with SimpliSafe Online

  1. Login into your SimpliSafe account at
  2. From the left-hand menu, select “Monitoring” under “Settings”
  3. Type in your Updated Address
  4. Click the Save Button

Updating Address with SimpliSafe by Calling

This is the best option for if you need to pause service in between houses. They can suspend your monitoring service, meaning you don’t have to pay for it while you’re not using it. Their website says to give them a call at (888) 692-0229 to reach their moving team.

I called and the prompts sounded the same as the regular customer support number. You have to press 4 to be connected to a customer service agent.

SimpliSafe Movers Package

According to SimpliSafe, “The Mover’s Package includes a few extra adhesives, small plastic packaging for keeping your sensors and accessories organized, and a box big enough to contain your whole system.”

Let’s take a look at that in an easier to read format.

SimpliSafe Mover’s Package List of Contents:

  • Extra adhesives strips,
  • Small plastic packaging (for keeping your sensors and accessories organized), and
  • A box to move your whole SimpliSafe system.

Okay, it’s not much, but it’s enough to get the job done and it’s free! The extra adhesive strips is the important part, so you can mount your devices in your new home.

SimpliSafe does have a few pages about moving on their blog, which are general moving tips with loose references to their SimpliSafe Security system. Here are the links in case you are interested.

Moving Soon? Here’s a Guide to Protect Your Valuables

5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

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