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Can You Use Bluetooth With A Projector?

In our modern world, technology is becoming increasingly wireless. In recent years, Bluetooth technology and how this is used for portable speakers has significantly improved. Fantastic sound without a cable! However, some electronics, like projectors, are slower to adapt to new technologies like Bluetooth. 

Is it possible to use Bluetooth with a projector?

It is possible to purchase a projector with Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth allows you to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the projector when watching a film. You can use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect a wireless speaker for projectors that do not have Bluetooth.

If you’re wondering about projectors and Bluetooth connectivity, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. We’ll be looking at which Bluetooth devices can be connected to a projector, how this can be done, and what to do when your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. 

LG Protector and Bluetooth

Can You Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To A Projector?

When using a projector, external speakers are typically connected to the projector itself or through an A/V receiver. Having speakers connected allows you to watch movies with quality audio. 

There are also projectors sold with built-in speakers. However, these are often of poor quality and are not sufficient for a cinematic experience. They’re often on par with the quality of speakers built into a laptop computer.

In an increasingly wireless age, many projectors now support Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth unlocks a new level of functionality for projectors in terms of connecting external devices. Many projectors also now feature Wi-Fi capabilities. That said, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity ultimately serve a different purpose. 

While there are portable speakers that utilize Wi-Fi technology for connectivity, this is not the most common type of portable speaker. That’s because these Wi-Fi connections are not generally used to connect to speakers. Instead, they are typically used for screencasting and streaming functionality. 

When it comes down to wireless speakers, the most commonly used technology is Bluetooth-based. For this reason, there are certain advantages of having a projector capable of connecting to Bluetooth devices. Benefits like being able to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your projector for an immersive viewing experience! 

What Devices Can Be Connected To a Projector Using Bluetooth?

Given that there are projectors available today with Bluetooth connectivity, you might be wondering about which devices you’ll be able to pair with your projector. As we discussed above, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Bluetooth-capable projector.

When it comes down to Bluetooth connectivity, this is most commonly used for sharing files and for audio connectivity. However, you will not be able to share files with your projector using a Bluetooth connection. Instead, the projector’s Bluetooth capabilities are usually only for connecting audio devices. 

Of course, this means that you’ll be able to connect a variety of different Bluetooth speakers to your projector. One of the significant benefits of a cord-free speaker is that it allows you to place the portable speaker where you want it. 

If you wish to keep the speaker near you to keep the volume down or put it in the middle of the room for the best sound, the choice is yours. 

Another type of Bluetooth device that connects to Bluetooth-capable projectors is wireless earphones or headphones. By connecting your wireless headphones, you’ll be able to watch a movie on the big screen without making noise that others can hear! 

While the types of devices that can be connected to Bluetooth projectors are limited, these devices create more options for you in terms of your audio. After all, Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones come in all shapes and sizes – you just need the right technology to use them. 

How To Connect Speaker To Projector Via Bluetooth

Now that we’ve established that it is possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a capable let’s take a look at how this can be done. When pairing these two devices, there are two considerations to keep in mind. 

Firstly, let’s consider the speaker that you’ll be connecting with the projector. This, of course, will need to be Bluetooth-capable. As per the instructions provided with your speaker, you’ll want to activate Bluetooth pairing mode. Holding down the button with the Bluetooth symbol until the Bluetooth light flashes will typically initiate this process when pairing speakers. 

Then, to connect the speaker to your projector, you’ll need to do the same process on your projector. Ultimately, how this is done will vary between brands and depends on how you control the projector. For instance, there could be a digital screen and buttons, but there could also be a remote. 

Regardless, if your projector is capable of connecting to Bluetooth devices, this process will be outlined in your user manual. If you no longer have your copy of this, you’ll be able to find this information by searching your projector’s model number online. 

Bluetooth connections are hassle-free, and users shouldn’t have any issues with the process of connecting their speaker to their projector. However, for projectors that do not have Bluetooth capabilities, there are still options. Read on as we tell you how you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector without Bluetooth! 

What If The Projector Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

When it comes to projectors, Bluetooth capabilities are a relatively new feature. This largely coincides with the rise in Bluetooth speakers in recent years. Whether you want to spend $10 or $1000 or anywhere in-between, there’s a Bluetooth speaker for you. Wireless earphones and headphones are also more accessible than ever before. 

Due to the widespread popularity of these speakers and wireless audio devices, the manufactures of projectors have begun adding Bluetooth capabilities to their models to allow for use with these devices. This ultimately expands the ways in which a projector can be used, making it a more convenient process.

However, a vast majority of projectors that are sold today still do not feature Bluetooth abilities. However, with the use of Bluetooth transmitters, it is now possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker to any connection. These transmitters connect to your projector by way of the audio ports, which are generally used for cabled audio connections. 

There are plenty of great Bluetooth transmitters available for projectors. These can be bought online! (Amazon affiliate link) 

By purchasing one of these nifty devices, you’ll be able to connect your wireless speaker to your existing projector for a more seamless viewing experience. Here is one that I’ve heard good things about, although I’ve never personally used it, followed by one that is a little more affordable.

If you want to know more about these Bluetooth transmitters and how they work, this YouTube video will give you more information. 


Bluetooth is a fantastic technology that is widely used in portable speakers. Projectors, however, have been slower to adapt to this technology. While it is possible to purchase a Bluetooth-enabled projector, it’s also possible to buy a Bluetooth transmitter for the projector. This will allow a portable speaker to be connected for a more immersive experience.