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Blink Camera’s Temperature Sensor: Settings, Alerts, and More

Have you bought a Blink camera and you’re trying to learn about all of its features? The temperature sensor is a lesser-known feature, but a useful one nonetheless. In fact, some people don’t even know it exists, so let me answer that question first.

Do Blink Cameras Measure and Monitor the Temperature? 

All Blink Cameras, except the Blink Mini, have an internal temperature sensor that will measure the temperature. The Blink camera can monitor the temperature and send an alert through the Blink app if the temperature gets too hot or too cold, exceeding a given range.

That sums up the temperature setting in a nutshell, but I didn’t really describe where you can set the temperature range, or describe where to check the temperature using the Blink app. If I haven’t answered your question yet, the rest of this article goes into more detail.

Blink Outdoor and Blink App Camera Settings

Viewing Temperature and Calibrating a Blink Camera’s Temperature Sensor

Now that you know your Blink camera has a temperature sensor (as long as you don’t have the Blink Mini), you probably want to know how to check the temperature, and how to set those alerts that I mentioned.

Does the Blink camera show temperature? The Blink Camera shows the temperature for each camera in the Blink app under the “Camera Settings” screen. Live stream or Clips recorded using the Blink camera will not display the temperature.

Steps to View Temperature for Blink Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

  1. Open the Blink app
  2. Select Camera Settings for the camera you wish to adjust
  3. The Temperature is listed under the “Monitoring” section.
    It should be near the top and was the second section down last I checked.

If you want to do more than just check the temperature where your Blink camera is located, you are practically there. Just tap where it says temperature, and the app will take you to the “Temperature” screen.

The Temperature screen on the Blink app is where you can do the following:

  • Enable Temperature Alerts
  • Set the threshold for heat
  • Set the threshold for cold
  • Calibrate the temperature sensor

Important: These settings are specific to each Blink Camera. You will need to enable and set the temperature alerts for each device that you have.

Enabling & Adjusting Temperature Alerts on a Blink Camera

The first section is where you control and enable the temperature alerts.

To enable temperature alerts, tap on the toggle switch so that it turns blue. If it is already blue, that means the temperature alerts are already enabled.

Blink has instructions for enabling temperature alerts located on their support website here.

Immediately below that, you have the thresholds for when you want to receive those temperature alerts. The first one says “Heat Alert Above”, and is where you set the temperature for when you want to receive an alert if the reading gets above a certain temperature. 

I’ve read reports where this has helped homeowners detect fires early on, and the owners were able to call the fire department while they weren’t even home. There was still damage, but at least it was minimized.

The next option says “Cold Alert Below”, and is where you set the temperature for when you want to receive an alert if the reading gets below a certain temperature. 

One story I read is where the owners were on vacation and the thermostat, or something in the A/C system got stuck on. The owners received an alert and called a repairman who was able to come fix the problem all while the owners were on vacation. 

That must have made the vacation a whole lot more enjoyable. At least after the unenjoyable part of receiving the alert. This scenario also could have happened with the heater getting stuck on.

Temperature Sensor Calibration on a Blink Camera

The second section on the Temperature screen has only one option. It is labeled “Camera Temperature.”

To accurately adjust your camera, you will need a thermometer that can be placed next to the camera, and you will need to make sure that they are not in direct sunlight.

The idea is simple, but the app doesn’t clearly explain how to calibrate the temperature sensor.

How do you Calibrate the Temperature on a Blink Camera? To calibrate the temperature sensor on your Blink camera, place a thermometer next to the camera and allow the thermometer to stabilize. Change the “Camera Temperature” value under “Calibrate” in the Temperature screen of the Blink app to match the reading on the Thermostat.

In shorter words, read your thermometer, and change the temperature in the app to match.

Blink App Settings

How To Change Temperature Units To Celcius or Fahrenheit On Blink Cameras

So far we have only been in the temperature settings screen for an individual camera. This seems like a logical place to put a setting for adjusting the temperature units, but Blink had this as a system-level setting.

System-level means that changing the units will apply system-wide, to all your Blink cameras. This means that you have to use the same temperature unit for all your cameras. I imagine this isn’t a problem for most of you.

Steps To Change Temperature Units To Or From Farenheit Or Celcius For A Blink Camera

  1. Open the Blink app
  2. Select Settings by tapping the Gear icon at the bottom
  3. “Temperature Units” is the second option. Select the desired units (Fahrenheit or Celsius)