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Apple Pencil 3 Release Date: Is It Coming Out In 2024?

What is the Apple Pencil 3 release date? If you are also an Apple enthusiast and want to know the launch date, you are at the right blog post. Here I will disclose when is your favorite gadget coming out and what can you expect. Let’s dive into the details!

Quick Answer

Apple released Pencil 2 back in November 2018, while its base model appeared in November 2015. So, when we should expect a new Apple Pencil 3? To answer quickly, it is expected to launch in the second half of 2024.

There is also news that it will be released with new features including the following:

  • Digital Crown;
  • 3D Objection creation;
  • USB-C charging.

However, these are the basics only. Continue reading to learn about the release of Pencil 3 in detail. Also, get insights into the latest features that were not present in predecessors before. So without any delay, let’s get started!

Apple Pencil 3 Release Date

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Last News and Rumors about Apple Pencil 3

It looks like Apple is ready to take its digital writing tool to the next level. According to Patently Apple, the company recently filed US Patent 20220413636 A1 with the US Patent and Trademark Office for an optical sensor to be used with the next-generation Apple Pencil.

  • The sensor will allow a pencil to copy the texture and color of the object’s finish.
  • It will also be able to wirelessly send this data to a laptop so it can be used with a drawing program.
Last News and Rumors about Apple Pencil 3

Apple’s patent application describes an Apple Pencil able to “sample” textures and colors of other items.

According to the patent application, to will help the device “sample” the color and texture of the finish the pencil will contain:

  1. A light sensor;
  2. A light emitter.

Yanko Design has created several renders showing what the new Apple Pencil will look like with optical sensors included in the design of the new digital stylus.

Apple has filed or received a patent for other ideas and innovations related to the new Apple Pencil. In 2021, it received a patent for an Apple Pencil with interchangeable nibs. A pen can be substituted to replace a shabby one, or it can be modified to change the its capabilities based on:

  1. Color;
  2. Shape;
  3. Thickness;
  4. Size;
  5. Brightness;
  6. Opacity.

While you can currently replace a used tip, this does not add any extra functionality to the accessory.

Last News and Rumors about Apple Pencil 3

Apple Pencil 3 Release Date

We know that the first-generation Apple Pencil was introduced on November 11, 2015, whereas the second-generation Apple Pencil came out three years later on November 7, 2018. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the third generation of its Pencil yet, but we’re seeing new patent applications coming up.

Apple enthusiasts have been expecting the Pencil 3 for quite some time now. With the recent delay seen during the past event, users are making speculations about the potential release date. So far Apple has not confirmed any official date. The Apple Pencil 3 is expected to be launched during any event being held in June 2024 or September 2024.

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Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
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What’s the Price of Apple Pencil 3?

When the first-gen model came out, it cost $99. This was followed by a price rise for the second-generation model, which debuted at $129. Depending on some of the technology mentioned above, the third-generation Apple Pencil could very well push that amount even higher. The inclusion of touch pads and displays won’t be cheap, so we won’t be surprised to see a figure of $159 or more.

What's the Price of Apple Pencil 3?

Check out the video about Apple Pencil 3rd Generation release clues:

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What Are the New Features Expected in a New Model?

Unquestionably, you want to know what new features the new Pencil will offer and whether the design will change. Nonetheless, Apple Pencil-related leaks are in deficit, they are all far between.

Apple Pencil 3 Design

One of the main rumors is that the Apple Pencil 3 will have black and gold colors. The main source of these speculations seems to come from a tweet by the mysterious user Mr.White who posts various Apple-related images.

Sometime later, the same Mr.White tweeted this photo of what is claimed to be the third-generation Apple Pencil.

new apple pencil gen 3

According to the image above, the new Apple Pencil will have a glossy finish rather than a matte one.

A short clip has been posted on Twitter claiming to be showing off the new Apple Pencil, and it also looks like it has a luster surface like the first generation Apple Pencil. However, one side of the pencil was flat like in the second generation Pencil.

New Apple Pencil Features

We can also get a glimpse of some of the new features that could be coming by analyzing Apple’s patents. The company has a number of interesting patents related to the Apple Pencil, and some of these new features may well appear in the third-generation model.

Of course, all of this must be conditioned by the fact that Apple applies for and receives a bunch of patents, but many of them never make it to the final product.

  1. AR/VR features: We’ve seen in the past that Apple patented the concept of a pencil to essentially write in the air. While this might seem like a rather strange idea, when combined with virtual or augmented reality software, it could be an exciting new way to interact with digital images and data.
  2. Color copying: A patent filed by Apple in 2020 describes how a pen tip can be used to copy colors using a color sensor. The pen tip, seen in an allegedly leaked image of the 3rd generation Apple Pencil, could indicate that the feature is coming.
Color copying

  1. Touch Bar: One of the most enticing innovations is the touch display on the side of the stylus. Now, in the diagram posted on the Patently Apple website, the windows appear to be quite small, but it is possible that they may have some contextual parameters that provide additional device functionality. The image also shows some of the Force Touch capabilities that you can use to re-add functionality to Pencil.
Touch Bar

  1. Zooming Features: There are also additional patents demonstrating a new pencil that can detect orientation and motion, with the pivot movement acting as a command trigger. This seems to suggest the Pencil’s built-in zoom control, which will be of great interest to artists who want to work in fine detail and then zoom out to see the larger picture.
Apple Pencil 3 Release Date: Is It Coming Out In 2024?

  1. Haptic feedback: It is another feature that may be coming to the new model as reported in another patent, which refers to a pencil that will vibrate in response to input from an iPad or iPhone, creating a sensation that the user writes on paper or other textures. It’s not clear yet if this would be that helpful, but it could make the drawing experience or writing one more authentic for those who prefer realistic non-technological materials.
  2. Find My Feature: Imagine losing your Apple Pencil between the gaps of your sofa. The Apple Pencil 3 is set to include a Find My feature. It won’t use the U1 chip like AirPods. Instead, it will rely on acoustic resonators to emit a sound that your iPhone or iPad can hear. This makes it easier to locate the gadget. Just keep in mind, that it needs to be nearby to work.
  3. Vibrating Feedback: In 2022, Apple patented a stylus with haptic feedback. Picture your Apple Pencil buzzing when you switch brushes. This enhances your creative experience by giving you a real-like feeling of using a brush.
Vibrating Feedback

  1. AirPod-Inspired Buttons: This patent introduces a squeezable region on the Pencil, like AirPods Pro. This allows you to change functions by applying pressure. It could even be touch-sensitive for more control just like adjusting brush sizes or zoom levels.
  2. Rotating ‘Digital Crown’ Control: Rumour has it that Apple may add a rotating controller similar to the Apple Watch Digital Crown. This is integrated for easy menu navigation and quick brush or color changes.
  3. Interchangeable Nibs: The Pencil’s nibs can wear down but Apple plans to offer interchangeable nibs for various needs. You could choose different shapes, thicknesses, and hardness. This makes it compatible with versatile uses like writing down, shading an object, painting, or sketching.
  4. VR Controller: In the world of VR and AR, Apple is exploring the Pencil as a controller. Sensors in the Pencil and VR headset would collaborate to track your stylus in 3D space, translating its movements into precise virtual reality actions.
  5. 3D Object Creation: This patent envisions a future Apple Pencils that can understand 3D depth, turning real-world objects into 3D models in applications. This feature will enhance the possibilities for 3D artists and VR enthusiasts.
  6. iPhone Support and USB-C Charging: Embedded there are hints that the Apple Pencil 3 may work with iPhones and charge via USB-C. The iOS 17.1’s code brings to light the possibility that Apple is moving towards standard charging ports for the future.
iPhone Support and USB-C Charging

What do Users Expect?

Below is a list of what users expect from the new pencil:

  • Instead of double tapping to erase, it would be great if you could flip it over like a regular eraser pencil. Save the double tap for “undo” and add either a gesture or a button to go back to the last used color.
  • More sensitivity levels.
  • Ability to scroll and control like a mouse.
  • Ability to control iPad just like Wii.
  • It requires a brush/pen rotation
  • Ability to use the pencil with Procreate or other drawing software.
What do Users expect

Why Introducing the Apple Pencil 3 Is Necessary

In the realm of styluses, the Apple Pencil 2 stands as the undisputed champion, with no third-party contenders capable of dethroning its excellence. Its performance becomes most evident with its digital writing and sketching capabilities for the iPad.

Right now iPads are on par with entry-level Macs and they can fill in the computational gap that the users need for their daily work or routine tasks. An Apple Pencil offering greater potential than the previous generations (Apple Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil – Gen 2).

Imagine the Apple Pencil 3 paired with the new iPad Pro! The amount of augmented processing power by the M3 and M4 chips will be tremendous. Such a large leap will help users achieve far beyond what they have imagined. For people who need the best notetaking or drawing companion, this combination will be perfect.

Apple Pencil 3 Alternative

Given that the Apple Pencil is currently compatible only with specific iPad models. There have been speculations about the potential development of an Apple Pencil especially for iPhones. Initially, rumors were suggesting it might debut alongside the iPhone 14 series, codenamed ‘Marker’.

But, surprisingly it did not happen! The anticipated iPhone Pencil was expected to be more budget-friendly by omitting certain features such as pressure sensitivity and an internal battery. The main concept behind this stylus was to power it using the screen it interacted with.

With the same approach previously seen with the S-Pen in Samsung’s Galaxy range. Regrettably, this possibility also did not come into action. Those looking to pair it with their iPhone 14 Pro had to refrain from this opportunity. Let’s look forward to the features that both the pencil and marker will bring out to the table!


Will Apple Pencil 3 come out?

Yes, Apple Pencil 3 will come out. It’s expected to arrive between June and September 2024.

Is there any news of Apple Pencil 3 on Reddit?

Yes, there is news about Apple Pencil on Reddit which states that the Pencil 3 will feature a magnetic tip.

Where will you be able to buy Pencil 3?

You will be able to buy Pencil 3 from authorized Apple stores or online retailers like Amazon once it is released.

Will Pencil 3 be available for pre-order?

Yes, there are chances that Pencil 3 will be available for pre-order. Apple is known for introducing its products before the launch date. However, there is no official statement yet.

What was the release date of Apple Pencil 2?

Apple Pencil 2 was announced on October 30, 2018, and the release date was on November 7, 2018. The price of the Apple digital stylus at the time of release was $99.

What was the release date of Apple Pencil 1?

On November 11, 2015, Apple released the Apple Pencil, its first stylus designed to work with the original iPad Pro.

Last Words

Surely, we can’t expect Apple to release all of these features in one 3rd gen. Otherwise, it would be a bit overwhelming since it’s just a pencil and not a separate Apple device.

All those features mentioned above are still being processed and it might take years to successfully implement them in future generations of Apple Pencils. Plus, they can’t be contained in one model.

Having that said, it’d also make the new Pencil ridiculously overpriced, which is something that Apple will never accept, so they’ll just have to stick with one or a few new features. Then, we can wait the price of the new Pencil more reasonable.

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