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What Smoke Detectors Work with Alexa? First-Alert Onelink Is the Way to Go

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

Many people wonder what Alexa and smoke detectors have to do with each other, I mean they have completely different functions, after all, right? That is not the case anymore. Not too long ago the two became more closely knit than one would have thought, and, Alexa now has the skills needed to work with smoke alarms. One brand in particular.

What Smoke Detectors Work with Alexa? First-Alert Onelink series of devices are the only smoke detectors designed to work with Alexa. The Onelink Safe & Sound model is an Alexa enabled device, while the other Onelink models have Alexa skills available to check the status and receive notifications on your mobile device.

Alexa can control multiple smart devices, but now, for the first time, there is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that is Alexa enabled. Let’s take a look at how the First-Alert Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector can help protect your home and offer you some entertainment.

Smoke Detectors That Work With Alexa

First Alert is the first to market with the Onelink Safe & Sound. It is the first smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a hands-free speaker that is Alexa enabled and able to activate at the sound of your voice.

Having a smoke detector that works with Alexa will increase your feeling of safety all while being able to enjoy everything that comes with an Alexa enabled voice-controlled speaker. Having an Alexa-enabled microphone, you will be able to appreciate the advantages of having both a smoke detector and asking it any sort of question. 

When it comes to setting everything up, the only thing you need to think about is installing the Onelink app on your smartphone, and mounting your Safe & Sound on the ceiling. The Onelink app will guide you through the setup process once the unit is mounted to the ceiling and powered.


These first two features you will only find in the Onelink Safe & Sound. The remaining features can be found in any of the Onelink smoke detectors.

Premium Speakers

The Onelink Safe & Sound actually has two speakers designed into it, so it produces quality audio and a pleasant listening experience. That combined with the built-in Alexa Voice Services, will make it tough not to love, especially considering all the features that you can find on Amazon Echo. All you have to do is tell Safe & Sound to play something and then you can appreciate everything that it has to offer, whether it is listening to a podcast or an audiobook, the possibilities are endless.


Another amazing feature that comes with this smoke detector is the nightlight that activates whenever it registers any movement during certain hours. It can be very useful if you’re going to get a glass of water since it would light up the way just enough not to wake you up, but it would still be bright enough for you to get what you need without falling along the way.

With the app set up on your phone, you would be able to do everything manually, no matter where you are. You could be walking through the city and still able to set up your preferred functions that you would like to activate, or you could be safely settled on your couch, the choice is yours.

You would be able to take a break knowing that if something were to happen at your home while you’re away, the alarm would send you alerts to your mobile phone through the app.

HomeKit Compatibility

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll be thankful Onelink doesn’t only come with Alexa incorporated, but it also works with the Apple HomeKit. If you’ve used Apple Homekit before, then you know just how carefree life becomes with it. You can monitor your home 24/7, no matter where you are.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Alexa HomeKit

Onelink App Features

Here is a quick list of things you can use the app for:

  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Check the battery level
  • Receive emergency notifications
  • Silence alarms
  • Control music (Safe & Sound only)
  • Adjust nightlight brightness & color (Safe & Sound only)

In the app, you will be able to check on Onelink’s battery levels, but according to First Safe, that isn’t something you have to waste your time thinking about to often, because it operates using a lithium battery that is supposed to last 5 to 10 years, depending on the model. If your battery needs to be replaced you will get a notification, so either way, you’re safe and sound.

If there were ever any kind of emergency at your home, Onelink would tell you exactly what type of emergency it is (Smoke or CO), and which alarm location it was (Kitchen, bedroom, etc.). It would put a stop to any kind of overthinking since you would know right away whether it has detected carbon monoxide or smoke. Based on the alarm sound and the notifications, you would be able to easily differentiate what type of emergency it is, as well as where it is exactly. This makes it possible to act quickly in a situation where every second counts.

You can also mute your smoke alarm whenever you want to. I know I could have used that a time or two when I’ve been in the kitchen!

Besides the notification that you get on your phone, you can also set up different colors for different situations, that way you will always know what is going on in your home.

With the Onelink app, you can set up everything to your preference, whether it is playing music or adjusting the nightlight, or even silencing the alarm. It’s as easy as that.

Onelink has a side-by-side comparison on their website here.

Alexa Smoke Detector Skills for First-Alert Onelink

Once the Onelink app is installed, here are the voice-command skills you can use with Alexa. You will need to enable Onelink Home skill in the Alexa app. Currently, all of the skills use the Onelink app.

“Alexa, open Onelink”

“Alexa, ask Onelink what is the status of my smoke alarm.”

“Alexa, ask Onelink, status of home”

“Alexa, ask Onelink, how do I test my alarm.”

You can also start by saying, “Alexa, ask Onelink …”

Then wait for the acknowledgement from Alexa and proceed to ask one of the following questions:

“How do I reset the alarm?“

“How do I clean my alarm?”

“How do I silence my alarm?”

“How do I restart my alarm?”

“How do I test my alarm?”

“How many smoke alarms should I have in my home?”

“What are unsafe levels of carbon monoxide?”

“What is carbon monoxide?”

“What Wi-Fi connection do I need?”

“What iPhone version do I need?”

“What are the iOS settings?”

“Is Android supported?”

“Where should I install my carbon monoxide alarms?”

“Where should I install my smoke alarms?”

“How often should I test my alarm?”

“Can I change the battery in my alarm?”

After you enable the Onelink Nightlight skill, you can also ask Alexa to adjust the Safe & Sound’s nightlight color and brightness. Here are the prompts you can use.

Alexa, turn on [room name].

Alexa, turn off [room name].

Alexa, set brightness of [room name] to [percentage].

Alexa, dim [room name] to [percentage].

Alexa, decrease brightness of [room name] to [percentage].

Alexa, increase brightness of [room name] to [percentage].

Alexa, change [room name] to [color].

Alexa, set [room name] warmer/softer.*

Alexa, set [room name] cooler/warmer.*

Alexa, change [room name] to [warm white, incandescent, white, daylight, or cool white].*

*Available for white shades only.

**These skills are taken from Frist-Alert’s website here & here, and have not been individually tested by myself.

Can Alexa detect smoke?

Amazon Echo Melt Fire

Alexa has many amazing features that you can enjoy, but it can’t do everything.

Can Alexa detect smoke? Alexa cannot detect smoke. Alexa can connect to certain smoke alarms, specifically the First-Alert Onelink series of smart smoke alarms, and can send you important notifications when something is not right. Alexa is also able to detect the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm when Alexa Guard is enabled.

Alexa has many amazing features that you can enjoy, but it can’t quite detect smoke. Maybe one day that will be integrated. What Alexa can do is detect the sound of a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or even the sound of glass breaking. This is all part of one of the features that Alexa has called Alexa Guard.

In case someone broke into your home or somehow a fire started after you left your house, then you would know immediately. While your away, Alexa Guard listens for  certain sounds, and then it will notify you of a possible emergency that could be occurring in your absence.

Those aren’t the only sounds that Alexa Guard can pick up on. Alexa Guard Plus detects sounds it recognizes as possible danger, and if it ever does hear them, you will know right away. Alexa will send you the recorded sound to your smartphone, and you will immediately be notified.

Alexa Guard, like a security alarm, is one of the features that you can activate whenever you leave your house. When it’s enabled you will know exactly was is, or is not, happening in your house when you’re away, be it someone breaking in or a fire that just broke out.

Alexa Guard is basically a security system that comes with certain Alexa devices, and you don’t even have to pay for it. Alexa Guard Plus is just rolling out in 2020. It has more advanced features, such as calling for emergency help. Guard Plus will cot you about $5 a month or $50 a year. More information is available on Amazon’s website here.


If you’re looking for a smoke detector that will offer you everything and more, then there is no need to look further than the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound. There is not much more you could wish for out of a smoke detector with all of its features. You will always know that you’re safe, whether you are home or away. You could be relaxing at home, perhaps reading a book, while the Onelink Safe & Sound fills the room with music.

Music, and the other features, can easily be controlled through voice command or the app on your smartphone. You can be at home or in another part of the world. No matter where you are, you will know that your home is protected. In case something did happen, you would know, be it by an alarm, bright lights, and an audible voice coming from your smoke detector, or through your app.

There is not much to you have to worry about. First Alert has you covered.