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Xbox Elite Controller Series 3: Release Date, Leaks, and Rumors

Most gamers are waiting for the question to be answered: what is the possible release date of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3? Indeed, after the success of the Xbox series, among them are Elite Series 2, the management of the company will certainly continue to develop and upgrade this product line. We have tried to collect all available information about the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 3.

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Release Date Speculation

At the moment there are not many extended leaks and rumors about a new controller, but still, we have something to tell you.

A well-known insider eXtas1s posted a tweet mentioning the new Xbox Elite controller V3.

You can also always check the latest news on the official website to make sure that you haven’t missed when the best controllers were released.

Prognosis: Will We See a New Elite Controller?

This will definitely happen because it is significant for Microsoft to update the products offered and people expect some improvement to be implemented. Nonetheless, the gamepads aren’t a core business for Microsoft, so they rarely stick to the yearly releases of new devices.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Specs Release Date

Despite the fact that a year has passed since the introduction of the Xbox Elite Series X and S, a competitor has appeared on the gamepad market in the form of Sony DualSense Edge. Microsoft management has not announced a possible release date for the new device.

So, let’s take a look at the release of previous Xbox controllers and try to identify any patterns.

  • Xbox Elite Series 1 – October 1, 2015
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 – November 4, 2019

If Microsoft sticks to the dates, we can expect the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 release date to be November 2023. It is in November that big gaming releases often come out, and Microsoft will not introduce a new console this year, then the new best controller will be the main update of this corporation. That’s what we all will watch and wait for.

In addition, there is a theory that the frequent price cuts for the Xbox Elite Series 2 are connected precisely with the upcoming third series devices coming out.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Price Predictions

Since each new generation of modern equipment is more complex and efficient, it increases in price accordingly. Let’s try to determine the possible price of the Elite Series 3, looking back at the previous series of controllers:

  • Xbox Elite Series 1 – $149;
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 – $179.

We can see that there is little difference in price between the Elite Series 1 and the second edition. Therefore, we can assume that the price of the Xbox Elite Series 3 at the time of release will be $199. Of course, this may change and Microsoft may adjust the price upwards.

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What Is Expected from a New Xbox Elite Series

Here is a list of the improvements that customers want to see in the new Xbox Elite Series.

Resizable Themed Controller Faceplates

The Xbox Elite series provides a lot of customization, this does not affect the external look of the device. The exception is only a small number of versions of the collector’s edition. For example, the SCUF controller for Xbox series has magnetic bezels. This allows the gamer to change the design of their device very easily. It would be nice to have such an opportunity in Microsoft’s proprietary controller.

Since many parts of the Xbox Elite are already magnetic, the addition of such magnetic replacement panels will not require high costs and changes in the production process from developers. And users will obviously like the ability to, for example, change the faceplate of their gamepad when new launches come out, and not be so jealous of those who have the opportunity to purchase a new limited version.

Xbox Design Lab Integration

The Elite 3 developers could have taken the gamepad customization a step further and included a Design Lab option that allows the user to change the color of almost every component of the device. Surely, this requires considerable effort, especially given the complexity of the controller, but since buyers are paying such a significant cost for it, they are entitled to the maximum options for customization.

New Xbox Elite Series 3

Additional Audio Functions

Many headsets on the Astro, Turtle Beach market are equipped with additional audio features. Why not have these features on the gamepads as well? So, this accessories implementation is in the progress. The Turtle Beach Recon controller has a “Superhuman Hearing” mode, transferred from the headset options. There is also a button to switch the equalizer modes. Microsoft should have included this option in the Elite Controller Series 3 as well, perhaps even pairing it with new or current Xbox headsets.

Swappable Analog Stick Modules

Another possibility for expanding the customization of the gamepad is the feature to replace the game sticks. When a gamepad the MGL controller for Xbox came out, it was possible to swap some modules. The gamer was able to swap the control elements of the device – the cross, joysticks, and buttons, getting the most convenient location for it. Elite 3 could also provide for such a possibility. After all, although the asymmetric arrangement of the sticks is optimal for most games, sometimes the PlayStation option is preferable. This will be especially convenient for users who play on both platforms.

Greater Quality

Although Microsoft’s new Elite Controller Series 3 is most wanted, the users are willing to give the company’s engineers enough time to resolve build quality issues. After all, even in Elite Series 2 controllers, which came out four years after Series 1, there are such problems. A device for such a cost should be of great quality. Therefore, players hope that the build quality will be impressive when Series 3 launches.

Future buyers also consider the weight of the Xbox Elite series 3. What would be significant, if the weight drops down half, bringing the device new improvements and customers more comfort.

Moreover, the suggestions for an upgrade are related to the battery life, which should last at least 40 hours on a single charge.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, there is no official information about the release date of the Xbox Elite Series 3. The new controller’s assumed release dates and sales prices are purely predictive, based on previous data.

We’d recommend Xbox owners just get the Series 2 controller, especially since it is often heavily discounted, which makes the purchase more rewarding.

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