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What is a Smart Toilet? Its Luxury Features Will Amaze You!

Smart Toilet

Nothing is as boring as using a normal toilet, after having used a smart toilet. Not only is the toilet smart, but it will actually turn an everyday experience into a fun experience. New Tech is usually fun, right?

What is a smart toilet? A smart toilet utilizes smart-technology to improve the experience of a toilet visit. The built-in technology is meant to connect and interact with the user. Smart toilets are capable of playing music, providing a nightlight, warming the seat, opening and closing the lid, automatic flushing, and they often incorporate a bidet.

Do you want to understand why investing in a smart toilet is the best thing to do for your bottom, and what it can do for you in more detail? If the answer is yes, then take a seat and continue reading this article as I discuss smart toilet features in more detail.

What can a smart toilet do?

Here are some of the following features that are commonly found in smart toilets.

Water Savings

A smart toilet only uses the required amount of water needed for each flush, making them environmentally friendly. Smart toilets are capable of sensing how much water is needed, and then flush using the appropriate amount of water. Furthermore, the smart technology will allow the smart toilet to reduce water consumption when flushing by up to 2-3 times compared to the average toilet.


You can connect your playlist to your smart toilet and set the mood as you take care of business. Do you deserve the luxury of listening to your favourite music while on the toilet? Don’t let a toilet visit should be a mood killer.

Depending on the model, you can also get FM radio and the old school MP3 player that we all used to love growing up. Just store the mp3 files on a SD card, and insert it into the toilet. (Yes, I know that sounds funny.) These models are also often equipped with Bluetooth, so you can stream music from your phone, or listen to your favorite podcast.

The built-in speakers are not even that bad, but these smart toilets have audio output ports, allowing for your choice of external speakers to be connected. You can now have surround sound while you are using the toilet. Talk about the ultimate in home luxury!


Nobody likes being blinded by light in the middle of the night, just for the purpose of going to the toilet. For me, it’s already a struggle to get out of bed, and I lay there debating how bad I have to use the bathroom. With the nightlight feature you can adjust the light and set the right amount of brightness and color to your liking.

Seat warmers and Heating & Cooling Features

Has it ever felt like ice when you had to sit on the toilet? With a smart toilet, you can set the seat to just the right temperature before taking a seat. You no longer have to use your own warmth to heat the seat. Some people prefer the seat being cold, but nobody enjoys freezing on the toilet seat in the middle of winter on a cold Monday morning. Start your morning off with a temperature right for you.

Seat warmers are great, but you can do even more than that with a smart toilet. You can also get heating for your feet and an air dryer in your smart toilet. I imagine it to be something like a hair dryer blowing on your feet.

Automatic lid

There is no need to touch the toilet anymore, the automatic lid opens and closes for you. In a germy world, I think everyone can appreciate more touch-free services and products, as well as a reassurance that the product they’re using is as clean and germ free as possible.

Automatic Flushing

The experience is improved since the smart toilet also has an automatic flush, so you won’t need to think about pressing buttons to flush. The days of forgetting to flush are behind you, you will no longer have to think about it, let alone worry whether you flushed or not. Smart toilets are capable of sensing when you are done, and then flushing the toilet for you. If needed, they can even self-clean the bowl.


For all of the bidet lovers out there, we’re happy to announce that you can adjust the spray shape, pressure of the water, temperature and position to get you perfectly clean. Additionally, there is the option to set-up the pump and pitch functions as well.


Self-cleaning features will make the use of a smart toilet easier and even more simple. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the toilet anymore because this feature will get the job done for you. 

Getting a smart toilet is for more than just the built-in technology too. The design of the smart toilet is even so modern that you can call it a chic design that still has a low profile with enlarged toilet. They are also for the environmentally conscious, as they only use as much water as needed. Also, smart toilets will give you the opportunity to set up and enjoy your visit based on your own personal preferences.

Overall, The Features Are Great!

Overall, using a smart toilet is more hygienic than a normal toilet, considering they can open the lid without you having to so much as touch it and they flush themselves. Plus, some even clean themselves! What’s not to like about that?

Imagine having all of these tools at your disposal. It would make your life a lot easier and pleasurable. With some of these smart functions you might even eliminate the use of excessive toilet-paper use and the need for wet wipes. They are also easier to use for people with disabilities or people that are getting older.  If you want a top of the line smart home, you simply can’t have a smart home without a smart toilet.

Lastly, nobody likes when it’s time to clean up the toilet area. Let the toilet work for you! In this case, your very own smart toilet.

How do you flush a smart toilet?

How do you flush a smart toilet? Smart toilets have built in sensors that will start the flushing mechanism after being triggered by the following evets: a hand wave over a motion sensor, the act of standing up from the toilet, lowering the toilet seat, or given time after using the toilet. A smart toilet can also be manually flushed using the manual control buttons, the remote control or app.

It’s actually very simple, isn’t it? Smart toilets have built in sensors that trigger the flushing mechanism. So, all you have to do is wave a hand above the sensor or simply step away from the toilet and it will initiate on its own. The best thing about this feature is that there will be no germs transferred from the toilet to the hand and then to the person using the toilet after you.

Smart Toilet Luxury Features

Foot warmer

There is nothing worse than stepping on cold tiles in the middle of the night and freezing your feet off, so it’s a good thing that this feature will make it not just bearable, but comfortable. Your feet will be warmed by the gentle flow of hot air running over them.

Remote Control

Remote controls can be used to control most features of the smart toilet. With the remote control you can play and pause the music, change radio stations, and control the volume. The smart toilet also has a control holder so that you never have to worry about where you left the controller. With the control you can also adjust the seat temperature, as well as other features, such as the nightlight.

Long-Term Savings

Water savings and power sources are a force to be reckoned with. It feels good to know that our toilet is environmentally friendly and that we do our small part of responsible decision-making. It also ends up saving you money long-term. The higher cost of a smart toilet decreases with every flush. It’s a small benefit but it certainly feels good knowing this in the back of your head.

Water Damage Protection

Smart toilets have an overflow protection mechanism which can save you from the unfortunate scenario of your toilet bowl overflowing, whatever the cause may be. I hope your normal toilet never comes does this, but you can rest easy with a smart toilet.

The second protection are the built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in the event of a water leak. With this feature you can relax and worry less about the future troubles that might arise.

Flushing During a Power Outage

You may find that the emergency flushing system is an extremely useful feature during power outages. Probably not something most of us worry about, but you never know when you’re going to need it. In any case, you will always be prepared if need be.


We often connect toilets with a bad smell and conditions that aren’t great from a hygienic perspective. I even know people that won’t use a public toilet, and some that won’t even use a toilet outside their home! Good news for those people,  smart toilets have self-deodorizers that make the bathroom smell nice for the next person or anytime you may enter the bathroom. Combined with the self-cleaning feature, you can actually enjoy going to the toilet without all the additional worries that come with it.


All in all, smart toilets offer you many practical advantages that a normal toilet just can’t give you. They definitely cost more than a normal toilet, but quality and luxury always cost a bit extra. If you already have a smart home, but don’t already have a smart toilet, they are definitely a great investment for the overall experience of a smart home.

Smart toilets pack a lot of features, as we have seen. To highlight them, some of the main features of a smart toilet are being able to play music, having the lid close and open by itself and giving you a nice night light so you don’t have to worry about turning on strong lights in the middle of the night.

In addition to this it’s also more environmentally friendly to invest in a smart toilet since during its lifetime it will reduce water consumption from flushing.

There are also some great advantages when it comes to hygiene. For example, you don’t need to press any buttons to flush the toilet or touch the lid since it automatically opens and closes itself. Furthermore, the smart toilet can clean itself to a certain extent so there is less of a need to frequently have to inspect and clean the toilet yourself.

Having all of these perks available in a smart toilet is definitely a great investment worth looking into.