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SimpliSafe PIN FAQ: PIN Types, How to Reset, Limits and More

SimpliSafe Keypad and Base station

The Master PIN is your key to using the SimpliSafe Security system. As a result, I have seen lots of questions surrounding the topic of PIN codes, so I decided to write this article that will hopefully help you out.

First, I want to point out that there are two types of SimpliSafe Security systems, the new version and the old version. SimpliSafe calls them the “All-New SimpliSafe System” and the “Original SimpliSafe System”.

SimpliSafe no longer sells their Original version since the All-New version was released in 2017. This article will primarily cover the All-New version, but I’ll add in details about the Original version when applicable.

Let’s get started.

What Is My SimpliSafe Master PIN?

The SimpliSafe Keypad will connect to the base station and then ask you to “Choose a Master PIN”. The Master PIN is a 4 Digit number that is used to arm and disarm your alarm, and is the only PIN that can access and change settings.

If you have forgotten your PIN, jump down to the section “How do I reset my SimpliSafe keypad PIN?”

Does SimpliSafe Have A Duress Code? What Is A Duress PIN?

A Duress PIN is a PIN code you can enter into the keypad when forced to do so against your will, aka “Under Duress.”

SimpliSafe has the option to setup a Duress PIN, which will appear to disarm the system, but will send a signal to the monitoring service, who will in turn contact your police department.

SimpliSafe Panic Buttons can also be set to trigger a silent alarm after they have been pressed for 2 seconds.

SimpliSafe PIN Types

SimpliSafe has three different PIN types: Master, User, and Duress PINs

SimpliSafe Master PIN

The Master PIN is the pin code that the keypad prompts you to enter when you first power it on after is has connected to the base station. The Master PIN is the only pin code that can access system settings through the keypad. The Master PIN can also be used to disarm the security system.

SimpliSafe User Pin

The User PIN can be used to disarm the security system, but cannot be used to access the settings. These User PINs can be named to help identify the user, and can be added and deleted as needed with a maximum of 4 user PINs.

SimpliSafe Duress PIN

The Duress PIN is designed to be used in emergency situations where you are forced to enter a PIN code, or are in a situation where you need help but don’t want it to be obvious. Simplisafe will immediately notify the police, and the system will appear as if it has been disarmed. The alarm will not sound and you will not receive a phone call.

  • How Many Pins Can SimpliSafe Have?

The All-New SimpliSafe system allows you to have a total of 6 PIN codes: 1 Master PIN, 1 Duress PIN, and 4 User PINs.

How to Select A Good PIN for SimpliSafe

Security systems have been around for a long time and with them, PIN codes. I remember growing up we always had to use PIN codes, and they would change every so often. In fact, that is the first tip for selecting a good PIN.

  • Change Your PIN Code At Least Once Per Year

It’s no different than a password, and I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that we should change our passwords every so often.

Changing your PIN also helps keep out those who have previously had access. One of the most common examples I see is kids telling their friends the PIN. Kid’s don’t always have the best judgement, and may abuse their knowledge of the PIN. Wouldn’t be the first time!

  • Don’t Use Dates That Are Significant to You

People will often use important dates to them as their PIN codes, and for good reason. They’re easy to remember. However, if someone trying to guess your PIN code knowns you, they will likely know a few dates that are significant to you. Also, it’s not to hard to find someone’s date of birth online

Avoid using birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, social security numbers, and any other numbers that you openly share.

  • Avoid Sequences

Sequences are another type of PIN code that are easy to remember, and are very commonly used. In fact, the Original SimpliSafe used one as a default, “1234”. Don’t do that. They’re easy to guess.

  • Don’t Use Pins That Are Used for Other Accounts

Just like you shouldn’t share passwords between accounts, you shouldn’t reuse PIN codes. I know it’s happened to me before where one of my accounts was hacked, and they stole the password. The hacker than tried other accounts using the same user name and password until they found another one of my accounts.

Hackers can do this with PIN codes as well. For example, if they some how obtain the PIN for your debit card. If your SimpliSafe PIN was the same, they would also have access to your house.

SimpliSafe Keypad

SimpliSafe Default PIN

I’ve seen some misinformation about this floating around the internet. In fact, if I just Google “SimpliSafe Default PIN”, the Google snippet tells me that the default code is “1234”. That was true for the Original SimpliSafe system, but not the All-New SimpliSafe system.

The All-New SimpliSafe system does not have a default PIN. The keypad will prompt you to enter a Master PIN when first connected to the base station.

The Original SimpliSafe system did not have the same setup method, and also didn’t have a menu you could navigate. Having a default PIN was part of the setup process, which the user would have to change.

How Do I Add A Pin to SimpliSafe? How Do I Reset My SimpliSafe Keypad PIN?

Those are two different questions, but the answer is the same. The steps to add a pin, or change a pin are the same.

In the case that you have forgotten your Master PIN, you will need to contact SimpliSafe and tell them your safe word. Also, your system must be disarmed in the “Off” state in order to change your PIN. SimpliSafe customer support can be reached at 800-548-9508.

There are three ways you can change the PIN for your SimpliSafe security system: The SimpliSafe Keypad, Your Online Account, or the SimpliSafe App.

I’ve read a couple websites that state you can only change your PIN online or through the app if you pay for the interactive monitoring service. That used to be true with the Original SimpliSafe, but is no longer the case with the All-New SimpliSafe system. The All-New SimpliSafe system can be controlled and accessed through the app without having the monitoring service.

Change PIN Codes on The SimpliSafe Keypad for The All New SimpliSafe

  1. Click on the menu button (lower left button)
  2. Enter your current Master PIN
  3. Use the screen to navigate to “PINs”
  4. Select the PIN you want to change (Either Master, User, or Duress PIN).
  5. Enter your current master PIN
  6. Enter your new PIN

SimpliSafe actually has a video that walks you through this:

Change PIN Codes in The SimpliSafe App for The All New SimpliSafe

From the app home screen:

  1. Open the menu by pressing the three bars in the top left
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Click on “PINs”
  4. Select the PIN you want to change (Either Master, User, or Duress PIN).
  5. Enter your current master PIN
  6. Enter your new PIN

Change PIN Codes Online with The SimpliSafe Web App For The All New SimpliSafe

From the app home screen:

  1. Login into your SimpliSafe account at
  2. From the left-hand menu, select “PINs” under “Settings”
  3. Select the PIN you want to change (Either Master, User, or Duress PIN).
  4. Enter your current master PIN
  5. Enter your new PIN

Additional Information

I have tried to cover the most common questions, but I didn’t cover them all. SimpliSafe has a support site with more answers if you need additional help. The support site is located here.