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How to Uninstall & Remove the Ecobee Thermostat & Sensors from The Wall

Ecobee Uninstalled

Ecobee is pretty good about providing instructions on how to install and maintain your smart thermostat, but there is no guidance on how to uninstall them. The closest I could find was their instructions on how to remove the backplate. The backplate is the part that is screwed into the wall and that the Ecobee thermostat is attached to.

How do I remove the backplate on my ecobee?

To remove the ecobee backplate, carefully remove your thermostat from the backplate by putting your thumb and index finger on the backplate. Then, pull against the ecobee3 lite.

Remove the screws from the backplate to remove it from the wall.

Ecobee Support

In my opinion, this information alone if woefully incomplete. Removing the backplate requires removing and handing wires. These wires are hot if you haven’t turned off the power to them. If you haven’t cut the power, Don’t Mess with Energized Wires!

Also, this information is incomplete if you want to completely uninstall your Ecobee thermostat. Not turning off power could result in damage to the HVAC equipment, or in electrocuting yourself. Please turn off your power before beginning this job. And yes, I will repeat myself. Safety is important.

How to Remove Ecobee Thermostat from The Wall

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Head Screw Driver (#4 recommended)

1. Cut Power to your HVAC system

Circuit Breaker Example
AA/C & Furnace Circuit Breaker Example

To turn off power to your HVAC system find the circuit breaker and flip the breaker for the HVAC. Sometimes there is a power switch located near the furnace that can flipped instead of turning off the breaker.

2. Confirm the Power is off

Ecobee with No Power
Ecobee with No Power

The Ecobee should have a blank, black screen. You will not be able to adjust the temperature, or connect to it through the app.

If the Ecobee screen is still displaying information, try changing the temperature to check if you only partially turned off the HVAC system. Depending on time of year, turn either the heat or A/C on. Do this by adjusting the thermostat to a temperature cooler/warmer than what it is currently reading. You should hear a relay switch fairly quickly, followed by the air starting to blow.

If nothing happens, that is a good sign! Now you just have to figure out how to turn off power to the Ecobee unit. There is possibly another breaker that needs flipped.

3. Pull the Ecobee Thermostat straight out from the wall

Ecobee Backside and Removed from the Wall
Ecobee Removed from the Wall

This is the part where you can follow Ecobee’s instructions that I mentioned earlier. Hold the trim plate against the wall if installed. The trim plate and backplate are removed after the thermostat is removed.

Ecobee 4 and newer will make a clicking noise when removed. Ecobee 3 will slide off without making a clicking noise. The clicking noise was added as a positive feedback mechanism so you would know if was fully installed.

4. Remove wires from the terminals on the backplate

Ecobee Backplate with Wire Connected
Ecobee Backplate with Wire Connected

Take a picture, or take note of which wires go to which terminal.

Take extra special note of if you have a Common wire. This will be a wire going to the terminal marked C. Be sure to complete step 7 if you DO NOT have a Common wire.

For each terminal where a wire is installed, the switch will be flipped down. Gently press down on this switch and hold it down while you pull the wire from that terminal. One the wire is removed, the switch will spring back up to the same level as the others.

5. Remove the two screws holding on the backplate and trim plate (if installed)

If you are trying to remove or install the trim plate, do it now. These steps can be followed in reverse order to re-install your Ecobee Thermostat. Note that the trim plate cannot be removed without disconnecting the wires from the backplate

6. If you do not have a Common wire, Uninstall the PEK connected to the HVAC system

 HVAC Unit where Ecobee PEK would go
Example of HVAC Unit where PEK would be installed

PEK stands for Power Extender Kit. The PEK is connected to your HVAC unit, which is usually located in your attic or basement. Don’t confuse it with the condenser outside.

7. Cover up Holes in the Wall

If your new thermostat is not going to cover the two holes left from Ecobee, now is the time to patch them up.

8. Install the new thermostat (This is IMPORTANT)

Do not restore power while the wires are loose. Leave the power off until you are able to install a different thermostat unit.

If you are replacing your Ecobee with another Ecobee model, Be Careful!  The latest Ecobee (Ecobee SmartThermostat) is backwards compatible with the Ecobee 4 backplate, but not with other Ecobee models (Ecobee 3 lite or Ecobee 3). The backplates and wiring are different for these earlier models. Be Careful, and don’t try to force something that doesn’t fit. Ecobee has a support page dedicated to this topic that you can find here.

How to Remove Ecobee Sensors from The Wall

If you are removing the Ecobee Thermostat, you may be interested in how to remove the sensors as well. These steps will guide you through how to completely remove the Ecobee sensor wall mounts from your wall. If you are just needed to replace a battery, then you can follow the first step on how to remove the Ecobee sensor from the wall.

Tools Needed:

  • If Sensor is screwed in: Phillips Head Screw Driver (#4 recommended)
  • If Sensor is stuck with sticky tape: Hot Air Gun or Hair Dryer

Removing Ecobee Room Sensor Mount from The Wall

1. Remove the Room Sensor from The Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is also the battery cover. The sensor can be removed by first using your finger to find the recessed corner on the back of the sensor. You can either use your finger, or a tool to gently pry the sensor off the cover from the recessed corner. I am typically able to use my finger.

Source: Ecobee

I try to use my finger to hold the battery cover/wall mount to the wall, as I pull of the Room Sensor, so that I don’t inadvertently damage the wall.

2. Remove the Wall Mount by Using the Proper Technique

  • If Screwed in, use a screw driver to remove the screw
  • If Mounted using sticky tape: heat up the tape using hot air. Gently pull from one side until completely removed.

3. Repair Wall Damage (if any exist)

If there is a hole from the screw, patch it. If there is sticky residue left, you can use Goo Gone to remove it.

Removing Ecobee SmartSensor Mount from The Wall

Here is what the Wall Mount looks like for the Ecobee SmartSensor.

Source: Ecobee

1. Remove the SmartSensor from The Wall Mount

The SmartSensor is installed by snapping it into the wall mount. It can be removed using the reverse method.

Using one hand to hold the wall mount towards the wall, use the other hand to pull the SmartSensor towards you, from the top, back side of the sensor.

There is a notch on the wall mount that goes into a recess on the bottom of the SmartSensor. Pull from here will rip the wall mount off the wall with the sensor, causing more damage than needed.

Here is a side view of the sensor attached to the wall mount. If you look at the bottom, you can see the notch that I am talking about.

Ecobee SmartSensor Sideview
Ecobee SmartSensor Sideview

Remove the Wall Mount by Using the Proper Technique

  • If Screwed in, use a screw driver to remove the screw
  • If Mounted using sticky tape: heat up the tape using hot air. Gently pull from one side until completely removed.

Repair Wall Damage (if any exist)

If there is a hole from the screw, patch it. If there is sticky residue left, you can use Goo Gone to remove it.

Related Questions

If you are having to remove your Ecobee, there is a chance that you may be adding, adjusting, or removing that Ecobee trim plate, what some of us might call a wall plate.

Does Ecobee come with wall plate? All Ecobee Smart Thermostats come with a wall plate. Ecobee calls them trim plates. Using the trim plate is optional. The trim plates are square, with rounded edges, and are about 6 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. The Ecobee 3 comes with a second smaller trim plate that is about 4 inches.

Ecobee backplate with 6 Inch trim plate installed
Ecobee backplate with 6 Inch trim plate installed