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AirPods Pro 4: Release Date

If you are looking for the latest information about the Apple AirPods Pro 4, you have found it! This page tracks all the news, speculations, and leaks about the new generation of AirPods Pro 4th generation wireless headphones.

airpods pro 4 release date

Why Should AirPods Pro 4 Come Out?

The global demand for wireless headphones continues to increase. Although overall, the personal smart audio segment is experiencing difficulties, and in the third quarter of 2022, sales in it have dropped (for the second quarter in a row). TWS remained the only category where sales increased by 6% to 76.9 million units in the quarter. This includes wireless headphones.

As we can see, there is an ever-increasing demand for wireless earphones with global supply, so the AirPods Pro 4 will surely come out.

What’s the Price of AirPods Pro 4?

For now, we expect the AirPods Pro 4 to be priced the same as Apple’s third-generation wireless headphones. At the same time, it can be changed in accordance with the company’s general pricing policy in the audio device segment.

The AirPods Pro 2 model is currently on sale for $249.

What’s the Release Date of AirPods Pro 4?

Let’s try to determine the release date of the AirPods Pro 4 headphones, based on the data of previous product launches in the series.

AirPods Pro 2, introduced on September 7, 2022, at the Apple Far Out event, is now in production. According to our estimates, the third generation of this device should come out in 2024. So, here we have the following release dates:

AirPods Pro 4 will most likely be announced in 2025 at Apple’s annual presentation of new products in September.

Final Thoughts

There is currently no official information about the release date of the AirPods Pro 4. Most likely, this will not happen before 2025.

We recommend Apple fans wait until the AirPods Pro 3 is released or buy the AirPods Pro 2 now. Since they often offer a good discount, this will be a profitable solution.

This article will be updated as new information about AirPods Pro 4 becomes available. Subscribe to our news so you don’t miss anything.